Who We Are

2p-Paradigm of Possibilities, LLC (2p-LLC) is a Veteran Owned, inclusive leadership guidance, and consulting company that specializes in interactive workshops and training to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and efficacy to any enterprise.

2p-LLC’s programs prepare employees, leaders, and executives to be more effective contributors to the workplace through assessing organizational knowledge gaps and crafting custom tailored solutions for each enterprise.

Our Vision

We are a community of Inclusive trainers. We manage our business by our values and provide a safe environment where we recognize, honor, and value our customers.

We are recognized for inclusive leadership and bystander intervention in our industries by those we serve.

Why We’re Different

Our “Shifting Process” methodology analyzes an enterprises’ wants, needs, and gaps before our team constructs a solution which will shift the mindset and gaps within individuals and the workplace to become a newly efficient functional organization.

The 2p-LLC team has vast local, national, and international knowledge and experience in business functions, public sector operations, and human psychology; enabling our project leads to provide the most effective workforce keynotes, workshops, and operations consultations.

Paradigm of Possibilities, LLC
Professional Consulting Company Helping you design success!

About Us

Experience You Can Count On

With over 25 years of experience, we have specialized in helping our clients identify challenges that may be preventing their organizations from achieving optimal results. We share our passion by training and helping others see how providing equitable opportunities within the workplace inspires growth. Our shifting process is designed to empower your team by “Cleaning the Lens” and obtaining your desired goals. 

Our service includes a comprehensive consultation to assess and identify gaps or opportunities that will increases morale, productivity, and performance.  It is important for us to learn about your companies culture, mission, vision and strategies to ensure your companies goals and objectives are met.   We are committed to partnering with our clients to help foster an environment that is inclusive and that inspires continuous focus on excellence.  


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What They’re Saying

 “The feedback I’ve heard from both our team and other staff has been incredibly positive, thanking us for helping them better understand all that’s going on right now, and why it needs to matter to US.  Your presentation of all that we discussed, the emphasis and intensity of the emotions our team members have been feeling, your story-telling to help bring all that home better, made this training to much more personal and relatable to many of our staff.  Thank you for the time and effort you put in, working with our team personally, and tailoring this to be all we hoped it would be.  You are an incredible trainer, speaker, and person.  I’m so pleased we chose you for this important training.”


Veronica Coty

Procurement Program Manager

Dept. of Administrative Services, Connecticut

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