Tips to Manage Burnout

You may be experiencing burnout if you are feeling emotionally drained, overwhelmed, or having difficulty meeting constant demands.  The effects of burnout can spill over into all areas of your life to include your home, work, and social life and managing it requires a few things.

Recognize, Reverse, and Build your Resiliency.  Now is the time to pause and stop trying to push through exhaustion but learn how to manage it so that you will remain healthy and focus on the positive.

Exit Means New Beginnings!

Many times people see an Exit as a way out or an ending.  An Exit is an opportunity for you to decide which path you would like to take on your next journey.

Impact of the Bystander (Youth Workshop)

An interactive workshop designed to navigate those difficult conversations such as bullying and harassment whether it is in a school or work environment.

Corporate Training

What does your team “deck” look like?  Learn what suits can be found in your organization and how to work with them.

Cleaning Your Lens

Vernita Stevens – Cleaning your Lens gives you permission to see things from another perspective.  Embracing the Paradigm of Possibilities that await you.

Resilient and Authentic Leader

Cultivating resilience reduces employee stress.  Authentic leaders create resilient organizations by creating an atmosphere that is psychologically safe and inspires innovation. Employees who feel psychologically safe think more creatively, embrace ambiguity, and ultimately take chances which are all traits of resiliency.  Embrace your authenticity today!

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